Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stars and Stripes Soccer Blog is born!!

Hello US fans!!!

          I'm Shawn Lux.  I'm a long time sports fan.  I grew up in the DC area supporting the Redskins, Capitals, DC United, and yes even the Wizards(I know). I attended VCU for my B.S. in Criminal Justice.  I'm happy to say the university is still a big part of my life.  I became a season ticket holder for VCU basketball after graduating (Which I might add is doing pretty well in the A10 this year). I've always been proud of my country and the freedoms we were given.  The country of opportunity.  That's why I take such pride in our US soccer team.  Unlike our other sports they truly represent our country on a larger scale.  So I've always wanted to have a blog about our great white, red, and blue team.  US soccer has been growing over the years and in my opinion it will continue to do so.  It quite amazing how far US soccer has come over the years driven by World Cup success and the MLS.  Just the fact that MLS is the third most attended sport in the US for two years now is proof of soccer's growth.  As we sit here only about a week from the Hexagonal round of Concacaf 2014 World Cup Qualifying its amazing how far we've come. However, before we get to qualifying there is a friendly to talk about so let's get to it.
          US and Canada will be facing off tonight in Houston about a week before US travels to Honduras for it's opener in the Hex round of 2014 World Cup Qualifying. The game is on ESPN2 8pm CT from BBVA Compass Stadium(Houston Dynamo's home stadium for those that don't follow MLS). Now if you are expecting to see a bunch of our players that will be playing in the qualifer I'm sorry to say you will probably be disappointed.  This game will feature mainly players looking to get Jurgen's attention.  We will see young newcomers such as Will Bruin of the Houston Dynamo and Omar Gonzalez of La Galaxy.  We will also get to see promising prospects like Mix Diskerud who captured the hearts of US soccer fans everywhere with a late goal in Russia to give the US a improbable draw.  We will also see if Kyle Beckerman of Real Salt Lake can come back strong after costly mistakes during the previous round of qualifying caused him to be left off the roster lately.

         Canada comes into this game pretty beaten down.  After a disappointing end to their qualifying campaign they just got ripped a new one by Denmark a few days ago(4-0).  You may remember Canada's World Cup qualifying coming to a crashing end in Honduras by the final score of 8-1 on a hot afternoon. The positive is Dwayne De Rosario is back.  You may remember his injury suffered in the previous round of qualifying that left DC United and Canada in a tough spot.  Of course DC United did make the Eastern Conference Finals after his injury, however they went out after running into injuries as well as a tough Dynamo team.  Back to topic. Canada will simply be looking for something to get exicited about and a win tonight would make things just a little bit better.

Prediction:  US will have lots of young prospects and a couple of regulars out there.  It is interesting that this game is being played in BBVA Compass Stadium which has become known as The Oven.  Mainly because of the heat and humidity.  Perhaps Jurgen is preparing his team (or potential players) for the heat of Honduras?  Unfortunately Jurgen can't prepare his team for the Honduran fans which will be all over this US team hours before the game even starts.  As far as tonight goes I see this US team winning 2-0 or perhaps 4-1.  Canada's rough streak in the heat continues.

When: Tonight. 8pm CT

Where: BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston

Where to watch: ESPN2

Look for a recap/reaction to this game most likely tomorrow.  A preview of US-Honduras will be up a few days before the qualifer.  If I have time I'll try to put out a post giving a preview of the teams in the Hex

Teams that qualified for the Hexagonal:
United States
Costa Rica


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